Oehlbach power station 909 highend

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OEHLBACH´s Powerstation 909 is a perfectly made multiple plug socket designed as a 19" rack / table version that will satisfy even the highest of demands made at the top end of the segment. It possesses a total of eight individual sockets – four digital (filtered) and four analogue (unfiltered) plug sockets. Also, two separate plug-socket groups consisting of two filtered and unfiltered plug sockets each may be switched individually. The Powerstation 909 possesses phase marks at each individual plug socket and the correct connections are indicated by a red control lamp in order to ensure that the equipment´s phases are properly connected. This is the only way to effectively prevent potential-equalization currents from interfering with audio and image data. This exceptional plug socket has also been equipped with a delay function (three seconds) for the mains switch to prevent unpleasant current peaks when it is switched on. The display which may be switched off and which has been embedded in the solid aluminium front panel provides users with information about power consumption and the voltage at the time. The inner conductor´s cross-section of 3.3 mm², which has been made from highly pure oxygen-free copper, constitutes genuine high-end inner cabling and will guarantee stable power supplies in any situation – even for components with high power requirements.

Power cord supplied with the delivery.


24- carat gold-plated contacts 8 individual plug slots
incl. main switch 4 unfiltered plug sockets
Inner conductors made from oxygen-free copper Overvoltage protection with LED
delay function for main switch switchable display
incl. sheath current filter Phase-correct connection through LED
RFI mains switch from studio engineering OFC – oxygene free copper
Reliable contact Solid aluminium front panel


Power supply Mains voltage: 230V / 50Hz

305 mm x 443 mm x 120 mm (B x L x H)



  • If the surge protection function of the Powerstation 909 is triggered as a result of extreme voltage peaks, the eight sockets are disconnected from the mains. The Powersocket can be used again by pressing the RESET button. Correct operation of the active surge protection function is indicated by the PROTECTED light.