B & K REF 200.1 : cặp đôi duy nhất tại thị trường Việt Nam (monolog)

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  • 250 watts X 1 channel at 8Ω (20Hz to 20 kHz) at .09% Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Class A Pre-Driver circuitry improves low-level detail for a smoother and more musical sound.
  • Class AB Mosfet Output stage delivers efficient, linear power.
  • Balanced Inputs deliver the quietest and most accurate signal path between your preamp and amplifier.
  • Differential input stage with a current source load assures DC stability and wide bandwidth linearity.
  • Use of 1% Metal Film Resistors in the entire active circuitry to reduce noise for greater purity of sound.
  • Use of Toroidal Transformers and Computer Grade Capacitors to provide high current for superior dynamics and extended low frequency control.
  • Capability to operate at full power with a square wave input signal.
  • Individual External Fuse Protection prevents damage from accidental shorting of output devices, while preserving the highest level of integrity to the original signal possible.