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•  Adjust the azimuth of your cartridge more 
    precisely than any other tool on the market
•  Adjust the speed of your turntable more accurately 
    than any stroboscope on the market
•  Measure the wow & flutter of your turn-table
•  Determine the low resonant frequency of your 
    cartridge/tonearm – are they a good match?
•  See what the frequency response of your analogue frontend is
•  Adjust+ works on all dual-core PC‘s running at least Microsoft® 
    Windows® XP SP3, appropriate soundcard necessary


License Adjust+ Home

- azimuth/crosstalk (azimuth adjustment)
- speed measurement with simple wow&flutter analysis
- measurement of frequency response with a sine sweep
- measurement of resonance frequency of cartridge/tonearm (fres)
- reporting to printer or export directly to a PDF
- language switching between english and german